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Latino Auto & Locksmith offers the best CCTV installation solutions for commercial and residential properties all across Etobicoke. No home or workforce establishment should be left unprotected. We work 24/7 to provide you with up-to-date security coverage anywhere in Etobicoke. There is nothing more important to invest in than your safety. We offer affordable prices for our security services with an ultra fast response time. We provide routine and emergency check ins round-the-clock with a maximum arrival time of half an hour.

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CCTV surveillance cameras are used primarily to secure an enclosed area. The lens keeps a watchful eye on you, your family members and company employees. CCTV security cameras are also used to prevent theft by capturing the images which, in turn, are displayed on a computer screen monitor. You have total access to the zoom-in options to get a better look at somebody unfamiliar. Our CCTV systems are infrared, which allows you to see in the dark. We can have the CCTV installed in your home office, bedroom, garage or anywhere you choose.

Our Services include:

  • CCTV installation & repair
  • Access control panels
  • Intercom system installation
  • High security locks
  • Exit devices
  • Master key system
  • File cabinet locks
  • Lost key solutions
  • Alarm systems
  • 24/7 mobile locksmith solutions

CCTV cameras are a must-have for any small business owner or corporate legal firm. Theft can be reduced drastically by having a high quality CCTV surveillance camera installed in your office or store. Our experts will give you their personal feedback, including where to set the camera up. Location of setup is vital, since most companies prefer to keep the camera away from plain sight. You might choose to have a row of cameras installed in your workforce space.

Latino Auto & Locksmith gives you preferential treatment, since all our customers are VIP’s! You’ll feel much more comfortable knowing that you’re 100% safe while at work or at home. There is nothing more soothing than having a good night’s sleep, trust us! Our technicians will be there every step of the way to provide all the necessary services involving CCTV installation.

Let us give you a warm welcome to Latino Auto & Locksmith. We have an outstanding reputation among the Etobicoke community residents. We constantly strive to be the best. Our main goal is to secure every home and commercial workspace in Etobicoke. Safeguard your home or office today!

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