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Latino Auto & Locksmith is Etobicoke’s most prominent locksmith company also specializing in home and office security. Available around the clock, our certified locksmith technicians will gladly lend a helping hand to enhance the level of your office and home security. Naturally, this includes intercom system installation services. We are fully committed to a 30 minute arrival time, excellent performance and complete customer satisfaction.

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Here, at Latino Auto & Locksmith, we not only encourage homeowners to invest in professional intercom system installation, but we also provide affordable, expert assistance and advice on selecting, installing and maintaining the right system for you and your family absolutely tailored to your needs and budget.

For many people, intercom system installation is the last thing they might think of adding to their security system. Why then do we place an emphasis upon a good intercom? Here are some of the most commonly accepted benefits of having a quality intercom:

  • Safety: Naturally, many homes with intercom systems enjoy the safety that comes with a more sophisticated access control. Having an intercom, especially one with video feeds, you can answer the door without being forced to interact directly with the person at the door. Not only does this help eliminate annoying solicitors, it can also protect you from the threat of predators.
  • Home Monitoring: Intercom systems cover the entire house, not just the front door. This provides many benefits in whole home monitoring. For example, with an intercom system, many parents find they can monitor children playing in another room much more easily. This increases the overall safety of the home and encourages independence in children.
  • Easy Communication: Professional intercom system installation will provide you with easier communication throughout the house. This can be very enjoyable when looking to get a simple question answer or it can be a matter of preserving life as you call for help or wake the house in case of an emergency.

As with any security features on the market today, there are many different options on offer you when looking for an intercom system. The two most prevalent intercom systems are a phone based intercom system and a wireless intercom system.

The phone-based system is easy to install if you already have phone jacks or phones around the house, but many people no longer have a landline. Wireless systems are nice to use and do not rely upon any other system, but some houses will have areas known as dead spots where the wireless signal can’t travel.

If you are currently considering professional intercom system installation, contact us and allow us to tell you more about the options that might be perfect for your security needs.

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