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Client Testimonials

Latino Auto & Locksmith Client Testimonials

“When I left my keys in my office drawer, I just wanted to scream! It was 9pm when I finished work, and the last place I wanted to be, was stuck in the parking garage, until the next day. I was so lucky I had Latino Auto & Locksmith stored on my list of emergency contacts. It definitely paid off, and I was back inside my car, within 20 minutes! I can’t thank you guys enough.” – Jodi

“It was a Saturday afternoon, and everything seemed to be perfect. It was a gorgeous day, and my family and I were about to return from a fun day hiking in the woods. When we got back to the Jeep, I realized that the car keys weren’t on me. I must’ve lost them while we were hiking. Thankfully, I did have my phone with me, and managed to call Latino Auto & Locksmith. These guys were by my side in no time… They picked the locks and produced a new key for my car… Thanks!.” – Michael