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Transponder Key Programming

High Quality Transponder Key Programming Services in Etobicoke

Latino Auto & Locksmith is a leading locksmith company in Etobicoke. We provide round the clock services and believe in full customer satisfaction. Our expert automotive locksmith technicians are fully trained to provide top quality lock & key solutions, including transponder key programming, at highly reasonable prices. You can contact us 24/7 and rest assured that we are always here to help out!

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Considered far superior to standard car keys, transponder keys (also known as chip keys) were created in order to provide extra security against auto robbery. The signal emitting circuit within the transponder key is activated when it receives a signal from the computer in your vehicle, which is known as the electronic control unit (ECU). The vehicle would start only when there is communication between these two components. Unfortunately, if the transponder key is improperly programmed, you would not be able to start your car.

In general, the procedure entails putting the car computer in ‘programming mode’. This usually includes engaging the power in the car several times while holding a lever. It may also include opening doors and removing fuses. The procedure usually varies among different makes, models and years of cars. Once in ‘programming mode,’ one or more of the fob buttons in the key is depressed to send the digital code to the car’s computer. The computer saves the code and the car is then taken out of ‘programming mode’.

Transponder key programming is not as simple as getting a new key cut to match your car’s ignition. This intricate process should be performed exclusively by a certified car locksmith with years of experience in order to make sure the key will function properly and start your vehicle. Luckily, all Latino Auto & Locksmith technicians are well trained to perform transponder key programming for any make or model vehicle.

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded auto repair and car locksmith company, at your disposal 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. Our great team of skilled and certified locksmith technicians and expert auto mechanics guarantee top quality service, day or night! We provide residential, commercial and car locksmith services all around Etobicoke. Therefore, no matter what kind of lock & key solution you require, including transponder key programming, we are always here at your service!

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